Nokia - to the power of n_ RedStrings approached me to help them create a floral part for a nature inspired sequence, which was part of a multiple film production for a nokia launch event.

produced at_RedStrings
task_setup, simulation, camera, light

Commissioning Agency : Ogilvy London Representative
Agency: Bernstein & Andruili

Production Company: RedStrings
Executive Producer: Liza Uys
Executive Creative Director: Candice Wainwrigh
Production Management: Reinette Du Toi & Christelle Wiese

CGI Supervising: Adrian Berghof, Peter Hoehsl, Arri Renscke
CGI Animation: Harold Courchay, Rob Pita, Arri Renscke & Lung Team, Simon Fiedler, Dennis Tiege, Bastian J Schiffer, Janique Viljoen
Pitch Storyboarding: Nicolas Rix

Edit & Final Grade: Candice Wainwright
Music & SFX: Matthew Dickinson
Voice Over: Natasha Loring
Voice Agency: APM
Recording Agency: WeLoveJam